Secure communication

For clients who need or want a high level of “on the go” communication protection, technically sophisticated data protection and the protection of confidentiality (written and/or telephone) of electoral communication between a lawyer and a client secure from interception, our law firm uses a variety of technological solutions and the world accepted standards and services:

– e-mail communication: PGP/GnuPG encryption and signing of e-mail for the establishment of encoded/encrypted communication via e-mail; please send us a certified (PGP) and signed e-mail, so that we can include your certificate to our information system

– law firm's PGP public key is available to you here, namely for e-mail address; fingerprint 7E7D 1940 2B7D F730 814E 208A FD29 FA8C F6D1 78AE

– for the purposes of encoded/encrypted communication and the possibility of sending encrypted e-mail (PGP/GnuPG) to the client from our site (law firm’s pages); send us your PGP public key, namely to the e-mail address or another appropriate e-mail address of the addressee (a member of a law firm), with whom you want to establish a secure connection. We also ask you to send us a fingerprint of the key in any other way except via e-mail to verify the validity of the key or make sure the validity of it in some other appropriate technical manner on PGP/GnuPG public servers (e.g.: hkp://