Nina Zidar Klemenčič, spec

English, German, French, Serbian and Croatian.

Nina Zidar Klemenčič, a founder and a partner of the Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana at the age of 22, but she upgraded her professional education at the University of Cambridge where she obtained the title Legal Specialist. After having passed the State Bar Exam, she founded Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič in 2006.

Nina Zidar Klemenčič handles more complex cases of commercial, competition and media law for domestic and international clients.

As an active advocate of human and especially children's rights, Nina Zidar Klemenčič set up the project Botrstvo – Free Legal Aid with Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste Polje. In the context of the mentioned project, Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič helped over 1600 families and individuals in the last three years.