Media law

Media Law is one of the fastest developing areas of law. Legal complications from both sides, in the media and from those who find themselves in them, require rapid responses and dynamic approaches. A good knowledge of media and the world wide web legislation and also new media as well as the case-law of domestic courts, comparative legal systems and practices of the European Court is key to successful legal counselings and representations in such proceedings. Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič has a longstanding experience and a pioneering role in the field of media law.

Our legal experts are, among other scopes, specialized in:

  • drawing up requests for publication of corrections/replies to the announcements published in media
  • legal counseling in the field of law on the world wide web (Internet) and new media
  • drawing up requests for withdrawal of online content
  • counseling and representation in proceedings or cases of liability of service providers (websites, forums, blogs, social networks, etc.).
  • the law of personality rights
  • consulting and legal protection in the event of interference with privacy rights, honor, and reputation in the civil, criminal and constitutional matters
  • consulting and legal protection in the event of interference with the right to the freedom of expression
  • application/reporting of media for the entry into the media register
  • providing domestic and foreign media companies with legal advice in all areas of law, including investments, competition laws and intellectual properties.


Numerous domestic and foreign clients entrust us their legal challenges and the representation of their legal interests in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Energetics
  • Environmental protection
  • Media
  • IT branch
  • Real estate development and development of major construction projects
  • Insurance
  • and many others