Telecommunications and Information IT law

Legal counseling and assistance about telecommunications and information technology ranging from the regulation of this sector and investments in it to the protection of personal freedoms and rights of participants. All the above-mentioned services have been successfully performed in Zidar Klemenčič Law Firm for many years.

Our legal experts are, among other scopes, specialized in:

  • obtaining licenses, counseling and legal assistance in the information technology and in the information technology transfer investments
  • representing clients in proceedings related to telecommunications and information technology (before regulatory bodies as well as in disputes)
  • counseling about IT and the Internet content law
  • protection of IT evidence in civil, commercial and labor law disputes
  • legal counseling on contractual relations in information technology
  • legal counseling and representation in e-commerce (General Terms and Conditions, Personal Data and Privacy Protection Regulation, Limitation and Exclusion of Liability Statements, other legal notices, warnings and statements on websites)
  • legal counseling and representation in liability for web content – Internal Corporate Communication (Online Communication Policy, Corporate Communications Regulations, Employee Statements on Familiarity with Internal Acts)
  • drawing up the general conditions for publishing the content on websites, forums, social networks, etc.
  • legal counseling and representation in regard to the freedom of expression on the Internet
  • legal counseling and drawing up acts on the protection of personal data in electronic environments
  • legal counseling and drawing up acts on the protection of trade secrets and sensitive information
  • legal counseling and drawing up acts in regard to e-supervision of the work of employees while respecting their privacy in the workplace
  • legal counseling and drawing up acts in regard to e-archiving and e-storage of data and documents
  • legal counseling and drawing up acts in regard to access to public information
  • drawing up various claims for legal protection of personality rights of individuals and the reputation and goodwill of companies (see more under the tab “Media Law” and “Human Rights Protection”).


Numerous domestic and foreign clients entrust us their legal challenges and the representation of their legal interests in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Energetics
  • Environmental protection
  • Media
  • IT branch
  • Real estate development and development of major construction projects
  • Insurance
  • and many others