Trade, competition and European Union law

Rules of competition, restrictive agreements and similar practices and rules relating thereto are becoming, with the expansion of the European Union law, increasingly complex law areas that require an expertise and a good knowledge of the rules of the competition and the European Union law. Respecting relevant legislation, Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič offers quality services which enable companies to operate more smoothly and better. This is to avoid potential legal problems and additional costs.

Our legal experts are, among other scopes, specialized in:

  • legal counseling and legal assistance in cases of unfair competition
  • legal counseling and legal assistance in cases of competition restriction and abuse of dominant market position
  • representation and legal assistance before the Competition Protection Agency
  • legal counseling and drawing up documents in regard to proceedings before the Competition Protection Agency


Numerous domestic and foreign clients entrust us their legal challenges and the representation of their legal interests in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Energetics
  • Environmental protection
  • Media
  • IT branch
  • Real estate development and development of major construction projects
  • Insurance
  • and many others