About us

Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič has provided the highest quality professional legal solutions for both domestic and international clients for more than ten years. From a successful local law firm, Zidar Klemenčič Law Firm has grown into a recognized, reputable and highly experienced legal service, trusted by an increasing number of renowned domestic and international clients.

Law Firm Zidar Klemenčič is constantly evolving just as legal challenges do. Our legal experts and external collaborators effectively respond to new challenges. We provide first-class service in various areas of law at all levels of jurisdiction in Slovenia, the European Union and the Council of Europe in a professional, efficient and individual manner.

Advocacy is a mission, and law is our passion. Every client’s problem is for us an important and individual challenge. We achieve the efficacy of legal solutions and the effectiveness of legal representations with passion, dedication and an enthusiasm, which can be felt throughout our firm and among our staff members.

Nina Zidar Klemenčič, partner.

Free legal aid
Legal aid and assistance are becoming increasingly important among those living in deprivation or in socially vulnerable situation. This is why we set up the project Botrstvo – Free Legal Aid in cooperation with the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste Polje in 2013. Within this project, we help those who struggle to meet their most basic needs to obtain public housing, welfare benefits, health assistance etc. We also provide free legal assistance in cases concerning serious human rights violations to the clients who cannot afford to pay for legal service.