Constitutional law

Due to our vast experience, we help to exercise legitimate interests of natural and legal persons in the field of human rights and other constitutional and legal issues. We provide legal counseling and assistance aimed at solving the constitutional issues, both in the proceedings before the regular authorities, as well as in the proceedings with extraordinary legal remedies before the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights where we have handled a number of successful cases.

Our legal experts are, among other scopes, specialized in:

  • drawing up and filing constitutional complaints
  • representation in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia
  • filing proposals for the retention of regulations and proposals for interim relief
  • filing of the initiative for commencing proceedings to review the constitutionality or legality of regulations or general acts
  • filing lawsuits and proposals for interim relief to the Administrative Court for violations of human rights and enforcement of these violations in proceedings before administrative and judicial authorities
  • preparing applications to the European Court of Human Rights.


Numerous domestic and foreign clients entrust us their legal challenges and the representation of their legal interests in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Energetics
  • Environmental protection
  • Media
  • IT branch
  • Real estate development and development of major construction projects
  • Insurance
  • and many others