Public procurement

Public procurement represents a significant business opportunity for companies. Zidar Klemenčič Law Firm ensures, due to the successful experience, compliance with all legal formal and material conditions of participation in the public procurement process and also consult about the competitiveness of tender offers necessary for success. Our services in the field of public procurement are comprehensive, our experienced experts are proficient in several foreign languages which enable us to inform our clients from abroad efficiently and to communicate with them more easily.

Our legal experts are, among other scopes, specialized in:

  • legal counseling at all stages of the procurement process, including clarification of the tender conditions to the clients with consulting about transparency, evaluation of compliance with the tender conditions and drawing up the entire tender documents, including service contracts, joint performances, etc.
  • legal counseling and legal assistance in public-private partnership proceedings
  • drawing up the content of an act on public-private partnerships
  • legal counseling and legal assistance in submitting tender offers
  • legal counseling and legal assistance in reviewing the tender offers
  • counseling on the signing and implementation of contracts.


Numerous domestic and foreign clients entrust us their legal challenges and the representation of their legal interests in the fields of:

  • Banking
  • Trade
  • Energetics
  • Environmental protection
  • Media
  • IT branch
  • Real estate development and development of major construction projects
  • Insurance
  • and many others